Friday, August 28, 2009

so much going on

Well, my mom and sister headed back home late Monday. It was sooo great to have both of them here. :) made me happy.

I have just been busy this week with several different doctors appointments and getting Bug ready for the first day of School.

Monday Ladybug had her 1 year check up and she is doing GREAT! 20 pounds 14 oz! and 30 1/4 inches long! She got four shots and only cried a few seconds. It was amazing.

Tuesday I went to see a dermatologist to look at the tack moles that I have on my neck and a cyst that I had on my right cheek/jaw. I developed these while I was pregnant. I got the moles worked on and they should fall off in the next week. eeewww

Wednesday I took Bug to his re-check Allergy appointment. We discussed the wheat issue, and I am to keep a food journal to see what amount of wheat he can tolerate.
I also went to the dermatologist again for minor surgery to remove the cyst on my right cheek/jaw. It was sooo gross. I am glad that it is gone now. But I hurt.

Thursday was suppose to be Bug's first day of School but I guess the school forgot to tell the parents of the pre-schoolers that school started on Monday instead. We waited out in front of our house for the bus to come. But when it finally arrived it drove past us and then stopped down the road. The diver said that he was just clocking the route, and that the bus would be picking him up on Monday. I quickly drove Bug to school, which was crazy with kids and parents and after some time managed to find his class room but only to find that there was NO ONE there. The room was empty and a mess. Chairs stacked up and clutter everywhere. I managed to find someone to help us, and she said that the special ed-preschool was not starting tell Monday. So, we walked around the school, watching the other kids find their class rooms, meet their teachers, and find their desks. I think it helped Bug to feel more excited about going to this new school. He has been saying all summer that he wants to go back to his old school and that he does not like the new school...but I think he had fun walking around the building.

Friday (today) means Occupational Therapy for Bug. Bryan said he would bring him. I also will need to go get a birthday gift for Bug to bring with him to his good friend's birthday party tomorrow at Mobius Children's Museum.

Busy, Busy :)

Oh and my hard drive for my computer arrived yesterday and Saturday Bryan will install it and I guess I will be spending a few hours if not days re-installing programs. I do have two hard drives in this computer and the 2ND one was the one that is going to fail. I just love this computer so much that I don't want to buy a new one. So wish me luck!
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Renee' P said...

You are a busy lady!
We all had fun hanging out yesterday. Sorry, I got super tired close to leaving.

That's great that Bug will be starting school next week! Yea! I hope he does well and enjoys it!

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