Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well after meeting with the Development Phycologist she informed us that Bug does not have any form of Autism at all. But that yes she is pretty sure he has ADHD. It can't be offically diagnosed tell he is 6yrs old, but she can see some of the signs of it already showing.

She said he is VERY SMART, and because of that he tends to get board very easily and acts out because of that. We discussed that he seems to be very difiant lately and she said that is because he has the ability to understand and question more things. She said that on a level of most kids his age (4 1/2) who took the same tests she gave to him he was 95%. 50% being average. His reading and verbal and cognitive skills were 90% or above. I can't wait to get the report she will be sending to really understand what she is saying. And trust me, I will be reviewing it for resources.

I am glad that he doesn't have Aspergers, but I am overwhelmed with the whole ADHD issue. Either way, I would have been overwhelmed.

* And on a side note: Bug had gotten a really bad cold that surfaced on Friday of last week. We have done Nebulizer treatments because the colds always seem to got to his lungs. He has bounced back pretty quickly from this cold. Still a bit of coughing...but not as much. In the past it would take 5-6 days before we even had to stop the nebulizer treatments. This time it was only 3 days. Yeah. So this is a good then, except now I think Ladybug has the cold. Poor little thing. She does have a temp. If she is not sleeping she is clinging on my like a baby monkey on its Mother.

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Kristen said...

Well that's really good news! I sure hope they are able to offer you great resources. It's fantastic he's SO SMART!!!

jennbecc said...

I haven't done much research on either so I'm not sure if it's good or bad news. Having anything like that can't be great though. Mainly I haven't researched because it scares me and I start to diagnose Jake with everything I read about and get my self stressed. He is getting evaluated by someone from a state program on 9/25. We'll see what they say....sigh.

Renee' P said...

Congrats on the fact that he's not autistic! That kind of surprised me!
I will retract my statement that Dom has ADHD. I guess he's nowhere near Spencer's level!
So, you just have an incredibly smart boy!!! That's encouraging!

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