Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ladybug took her offical first steps all by her self today!!!
At 2:08pm today I saw her take 3-4 really good steady steps from the couch to the center of the living room. Unfortuanly when I saw her, I made a "squeek" sound and surprised her and she dropped to her bottom. But she did it!!! She walked!!! She will be 13 months on Sept. 23.

Check out this blog post about Bug's first steps. Funny reading it and realizing that so many of the same things were going on in my life that are going on now.
Book Club had read the book "The Time Travelers Wife". Bug took 3-4 steps from the couch just like Ladybug, and Ladybug uses that "Push Walker" mentioned in Bug's post ALL THE TIME! She loves it too!

Will try to catch her in action with pictures soon.

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Renee' P said...

Congrats Ladybug!

Lily just started to walk last week...14 mo Ladybug is doing great!!!

jennbecc said...

Yeah! Congrats LB! :)

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