Sunday, June 27, 2010

*Big Girl*

Wow she is growing up!  I look at these pictures and think where did  my baby go. Granted she is still so tiny for her age, just ask the summer clothes I have tried to put on her that she just swims in because they are so big, or the pants that won't stay on her even with those bulky diapers.  She is a *skiny minny*.  But getting so long (tall).
Look at all those teeth!  And these smiles catched on camera are starting to become more frequent.  She has been saying "Cheese" when she sees the camera coming!

Climbing has become the norm for her.  She is not afraid of keeping up with her brother at all.  What ever he does she wants to do too.  Typical I would say.  But when it comes to saying good bye to mommy so she can go to Zumba, or to the store, or even to nursery, she will scream her head off.

And she has a set of lungs on her!  Let me tell you.  When she is unhappy about something everyone in the neighborhood knows it.  But she is so snuggly too. She loves to just sit with me on the couch from time to time through the day. It is nice to have a "Mommy's Girl"  To her I am more than "chopped liver".
I have been trying to put "piggies" in her hair every day for the past week.  It has been going pretty good.  She sits with me in front of the mirror and kind of holds still.  But she is much like a "Greased Pig" when I am working on getting those cute ponies in.  Over time I will get quicker.  But for now they look messy and kind of like bug antennas on the top of her head.

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