Sunday, July 18, 2010


In life friendships come and go.  You never know when someone will enter into your life, or how long they will be there.  But I believe there is always a purpose, a reason, a season for their time. 

I can remember back when I was in Elementary school - possibly 4th or 5th grade and I had a friend named Elizabeth.  Elizabeth and I would walk home from school together.  During the spring when the plum trees were ready to harvest we would find small plums on the ground on the sidewalks walking home.  We got reckless one day and decided we were going to place several of the plums out on the road and see if a car would run them over.  Being careful to make sure there was no cars driving by we made our way out onto the road and quickly placed a few plums strategically, and ran back to the sidewalk to observe.  Watching with giggles as each car approached we would squeal in delight and cheer with each squished plum.  I always arrived home happy and content from my time spent with Elizabeth. 

After graduating from High School and becoming a young Single Adult I had a good friend named Anne.  We would talk for hours and hours about anything and everything.  We both have the personality that we love details.  There were many a night we would talk on the telephone into the wee hours of the night and early morning, discussing religion, relationships, music, clothes, you name it.  I always felt understood when it came to Anne.  Accepted and appreciated when I would spend time with her.  We are still in contact with each other even though I have moved out of state, but I know if I really need someone to talk to I could call her and she would be there, and it would be like old times.

The Internet has brought me some very close and great friends too.  Blogging has allowed me to meet some woman whom I would never have met.  Women who have inspire me.  My friend MaryRuth is one of those such woman.  We met on a Scrapbooking Website.  I posted a comment on one of her scrapbooking pages she had posted.  We quickly became email pen pals, and spent some time getting to know each other until we realized we actually lived in the same town.  We spent time scrapbooking together at the local scrapbook store, and went on walks when the weather was nice ( and not so nice- got caught in a rain store one day and spent some time under a bridge to try and wait out the rain).  At this time in my life I was going through Infertility, and MaryRuth was a great source of hope to me.  She inspired me never to give up.  I always felt loved when I was with MaryRuth.  She and her Family have since moved out of state but I still treasure our friendship.

I have so many really good friends in my life right now.  I am closer to some more than others, but I think that is expected. There are moments in our lives when we need to have certain people in our lives more than others.  I think friends can be found anywhere.  Your neighbor, your church friends, your moms club friends, facebook friends, blogging friends.  I am not about to limit the way someone will come into my life.  They are there for a reason and maybe a season or for life. 

There are so many of you who I consider my friends and I wish I could mention all of you by name.  But I want to mention one person before I end this post.  Her name is Vanessa (Ness)  (AKA Connie).  She is also a friend I met online.  We have never met face to face (yet) but there are people you meet you just know you would get a long with so well.  Your gut tells you this.  At least mine does.  Vanessa has made me laugh when I have been down.  She has allowed me to vent about my life issues.  Being a mommy sometimes can be a great challenge. She has helped me to fine my inner child again.  Find beauty and excitement in the "silliness" in life.  Just like my friend Elizabeth back in Elementary School.  Walking home, and giggling when the plums got squished in the road, Vanessa has helped me to find my giggle back. 

This post is really to thank all those people I have met, who I consider my friends.  You will always be apart of who I am now and who I will become.  Thank you for what each of you have done for me over the years.

Love you all!


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MaryRuth said...

Brenda.... thank you so much for your sweet tribute! I feel the same way about you.... I know that we were meant to be friends and I was so grateful for you when we were going through our infertility junk together. And I'm so so happy that we we're mommies now. I value you your friendship and am so grateful for Heavenly Father who brought us together. I miss you and hope I get to come back to Spokane some day!

p.s. I'll always remember the fun crops and the walk in the rainstorm when we got drenched!!! Love you!!

Andrea said...

so true. I'm glad to have you as a blogging friend!

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