Saturday, July 03, 2010

*Park Time*

Ladybug and I headed out to meet up with some friend at a local park. We were the first ones there but that didn't stop Ladybug from getting started on sliding.  It has been almost a year since we have been to this park.  Last time she was crawling across the bark but this time she is a *BIG GIRL* and walking up the ramp and then sliding down the slide all by her self.

She likes to try new dangerous   fun things.  Things that at first freak ME out!  But then I realize she really has it undercontrol.  She is way to little to be doing some of the things she wants to do such as sliding down the pole on the play equipment but maybe hanging from this small bar and swinging a little is not to bad.  Maybe???

*look at me mommy!*

Not sure why the weird face but she really rocked
 back and forth when she was on this pony.  She wanted to be a cow girl!

And this last picture is with her and some friends at the park. 
She really is so social, and loves to make new friends. 
She just sits down and joins in on whatever the fun is.

Hope you all are enjoying some summer *Park Time*


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Andrea said...

We love the park too! I never know if it's better to watch those daredevils, or to look away!

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