Saturday, July 03, 2010

*Sports Camp*

Bug got to attend his first summer camp this last week.  Mini-Skyhawks camp.  They played Soccer, Baseball and Basketball.  He had a really good time, and all the running around was great exercise.  It didn't seem to tucker him out enough though but it sure made him HUNGRY! 

Here he is running into the GATE to play some soccer.

Ladybug wanted to join in on the fun too.

Here is the end of the day huddle. 
Ladybug is in there too. 
Can you find her? 
Can you find Bug?
Bug has another camp scheduled in two weeks.  It is not sports camp but something just as much fun and a bit longer time frame.  9am tell 5pm.  Whooo hooo!  I might not know what to do with myself only having one kid for that many hours.  But I am not complaining.  :)  Bug loves to play and play and play, and it will be good for him to be doing something fun during the summer when he is missing school so much.


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