Friday, July 19, 2013

Selfish- For the First Time Again

Another 2 days down!

To be honest today was a hard day to wake up.  My body kept trying to tell me to just go back to sleep.  But I repeated my mantra....

"YOU will LOVE how you feel once you are out!  And you are going to go down that new street!"

So I slowly got dressed and put on my shoes while Cloe my dog looked up at me with bright eager eyes.  I know she thinks that I am taking her with me, and I am sure several people would say take the dog with you, it will be good for you both.  But this is MY TIME ALONE!  MY time to recharge and fill my emotional cup.  And I have seen some improvements.  This is NOT a weight loss thing for me, even though it would be sooooooo nice to lose some added weight I have put on.  This is a time to clear my head, repeat positive thoughts, and recharge me for the day ahead.

My day filled with 2 very needy children.  An almost 5 yr old daughter and 8 yr old son who both test me on my patience every single second of every day. 

This is my TIME to be by myself, and listen to what I want to listen to.  No on asking if I could put a certain song on.  This is my TIME to walk as fast or as slow as I want.  This is my TIME to repeat the positive words from the songs I have chosen to listen to.  MY TIME!

I know it is selfish, but this kind of selfish makes me a good mommy to my children, and a better wife to my husband.  This selfish makes me feel more alive, and helps me see a light at the end of the dark gloomy tunnel that I have been walking through for months, years it seems.  And it is only 30-50 mins a day....even before everyone has really gotten up in my home.  So I am not missed to much.

This song really hit home today.  Got me thinking about a time when I was single and first living on my own.  I had a lot of alone time.  Time to reflect on me and what I saw or hoped for my future.  And even though time has passed I can always go back to that time.  And feel the way I did back then, PEACE.  I wanted to share it with you all.

Hope you all enjoy the song and the weekend!


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