Monday, August 12, 2013

Letting Go and Saying Goobye is HARD!

Well after a rough two days my cat Kiki passed away this morning.  Sometime between 5:30am and 6am. 

This pictures was taken November 28, she loved to look out the front window.

 It was all very sudden.  I noticed she was sleeping a bit more over the past week, and just chocked it up that she was an older kitty.  But then on Saturday when my son hugged her (he does this a lot) she seemed wobbly on her legs when he stopped.  She was sitting on the couch next to me, when he hugged her.  I helped her steady herself and that is when I touched her and felt she wasr really skinny.
I knew something was wrong.

My husband got wet food for her when he came home, and she ate it.  She seemed to perk up a bit.  I thought, maybe I am just worrying for nothing...but in the back of my mind, I felt I needed to prepare.

Sunday morning things took a turn for the worse...and I spent most of the day crying and just spending time with her.  I spent the night on the couch with her and early this morning she passed while I pet her.  Letting her go was very hard.  I feel jipped that I didn't get to have her as my pet longer.
Ladybug with Kiki.  Her first night in our home.

This is Kiki's first night in our home.
Kiki came into my life back in early November of 2012.  She was a stray that was in my neighborhood.  She showed up at my house one evening and I was in awe how sweet she was.  I took her door to door through my neighborhood to find her home.  She was sooo sweet, and so tiny.  The single guys living next door told me that she just showed up in the neighborhood before Halloween and that she had been sleeping in their garage at night.  They had no idea who she belonged too.  I decided right then, that she needed a permanent home.  Winter snow was coming and there was no way she was going to make it through the winter.  So I put her in my cat carrier and took her to my vet.  Had some blood work done and she was cleared.  She didn't have feline Leukemia.  She was allowed in the house and she made her self at home.

She was AMAZING!  And I have to say she was the BEST Cat, second to Carona my deaf white kitty.  She would climb on my back and want to sniff my hair, and she would lay on my shoulder when I was laying on the cough.  She was soooo tiny.  So amazingly tiny!    And she has the funniest face!.

Enjoying the sunlight from the window.
I will miss her.  Wish I had her longer in my life.  I am trying to be grateful for the time I did have with her.  I have no idea why she got so sick and died in two days time.  Sudden and painful.

Time will heal.
Kiki trying to jump up in my lap.  :)

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