Saturday, May 24, 2014

Four Mound Prairie~ Bison Ranch *Field Trip*

With my new look on Homeschooling, I have also changed my mind set on field trips and learning.  Before it just seemed like there was not enough time in the day to get all the subject requirements done to allow us the opportunity to take some time off and pursue some fun activities or attend some educational field trips.  Well that attitude has all changed.  

There is a Homeschooling mother who has been organizing mini field trips to the local community where I live for several years.  I have been on her email list for almost 3 yrs now.  But I would longingly look at the activities she would post and think "Maybe next time."  Next time is NOW.  *smiles*  For the month of May we have signed up for a few tours.

Above is a photo collage of a tour we took to a local Bison Farm, where we got to get up close and personal with bison.  I know this might sound a bit weird but I find these huge fuzzy animals so stinking cute. And I am not talking about the calf, but the full grown male bison. They have the brownest eyes that just seem so peaceful. They have such soft fur too.  

When we were at the farm it was Molting Season- getting ready for summer, and all of the bison were dropping their winter coats.  You could find piles of the dark brown fur lying on the ground or attached to barb wire on fences.  We were allowed to take home this smelly but very soft keepsake to remind us of our time with the Bison.  I would love to create some cute craft with the collection of fur I brought home.  Maybe a Needle Felted little Bison? If I do I will be sure to take a photo and share it.

I will be posting photos on all the future field trips we take.  I hope you come back to see them.


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