Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day~ SKY HIGH

Last week we had Memorial Day in the United States.  It is one of those holidays where we try to remember the true meaning but it usually gets lost in the frenzy of OUT DOOR Camping.  For most of the country it is the last week of School for the kids and reminds everyone that SUMMER is almost here! 

Unlike most of the country we have 3 weeks of school left.  So it is only a 3 day weekend for us.  A small but much needed break in regards to the home stretch of school (homeschooling).  Even though Bryan had the day off we didn't do much.  But we did manage to take the kidlets out to SKY HIGH.  It is a local Trampoline Activity place.  The kids and adults can jump to their hearts contents for 1 hour each.  There is tons of trampolines, dodge ball games, rope swings, basketball, and foam  pits.  The kids were very excited and had a good time.  Exhausted afterwards!

Ladybug was enjoying the basketball area.  I didn't get any pictures of her there.  But because of this activity she informed me that she LOVES basketball.  She did make every single basket as she bounced her way down the mini court to the basket.  I have found a basketball summer camp and we will see how she does.  It might be a bit more complicated when you actually have to walk/run and dribble the ball down a basketball court.  Will update the results.

~Have a GREAT Week!

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