Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sweets and Sours

I have been reluctant to post anything because every time I sit down to type I find myself complaining about everything! Tired, exhausted, sad by the weather, dealing with my 3 year old son, chores, and appointments, and the list can go on and on and on. I wish I could get out of this Yucky place. I want to be happy and cheery, and full of life but I can't seem to.

And I feel guilty, so guilty for feeling this way.

But I am going to try something new. My blogging friend Jennie (who I met through my friend MaryRuth) does a Sweets and Sour post from time to time and I am going to try and do this kind of post today.

Sours first:
1. Have no clothes to wear. I feel ugly and uncomfortable in all my clothes now. I need to go shopping. I really don't like clothes shopping.

2. Rain, Rain, go away!!! I want the SUN! Need the sun!

3. Would like to sleep more than an hour at a time before getting woken up by my bladder. Can't get a good nights sleep. Making me cranky.

4. Wish that I had more energy. Doing the day to day chores seem so daunting and I am exhausted. Out of breath.

5. I have no energy to spend with my son. This really makes me sad, and guilty. I just hope he knows I want to spend time with him, just am so tired.

Sweets NOW!!!

1. Every day that passes brings me one more day closer to giving birth to this baby. This makes me happy. I am proud of the fact that I have gotten this far.

2. I think I might have figured out why my Son gets more aggressive and has melt downs more. Based on some of the foods he eats. I did a test a few weeks back and only allowed him to drink Apple juice (50% juice/50% water) and I noticed his personality was really positive and friendly to other kids and adults. He seemed like he was more stable with his emotions. We still had a few out breaks but He was quickly calmed down by our relaxation techniques. But then I ran out of Apple Juice and gave him the powder drinks from Wal-Mart and I quickly noticed all the negative behavior returning. He kept saying "NO!" to me all the time. He just seemed angry all the time, and emotional. Then I cut out the powder drinks again and just in the past week he is back to his more rational self.

3. Bug has been sleeping better through the nights too! He has not come into our bedroom to sleep in the little bed I have for him one time this past week. NICE.

4. My Sister and Mom are flying to visit me the end of this month. I can't wait to see them. I am so excited.

5. My friend Alyson is putting on a baby shower for me the end of the month and I can't wait for this as well. Not for all the gifts *all though it is always fun to open gifts that people got for the baby* but mostly to sit and hang out with my friends.

6. Even though it doesn't always feel all that great when I get kicked by the baby, it is kind of cool. I actually like putting my hand where she is kicking. I did watch my tummy the other day when I was lying down and I was kind of grossed out my watching my tummy moving. It was freaky. But it was still cool.

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Anonymous said...

the opposite of sad is glad. the same as glad is not sad. so be glad you're not sad when you're glad or you'd be sad when you should be glad. i thought you'd be happy life ain't always so whacky and you can enjoy what ain't always so crappy

Jennie said...

so glad you did sweets and sours! how fun! i love your list!

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