Saturday, August 02, 2008

Pick the right date, and you could win!

Contest time! Contest time!
I thought it would be really fun to play a game with all my blogger friends and family out there who are reading about my pregnancy.
I think you all know that my due date for Lady Bug to be born is August 23rd.
But I thought it would be fun to have you each pick a date that you think she might come and if you are right, I will send you a prize!
Not sure what that prize will be just yet, but I will find something for the winner.
So here is how it will work:
Pick a date during the month of August 2nd-31st.
Post your date in the comments.
(if two people pick the same date
then the first one to comment with that date will get the date,
and one who picked it second will have to pick a new date.)
I do have my blog set up so that if you don't have a blogger account
you can still participate by using the annonymous setting,
but be sure to sign your name at the end of your comment,
so I can put you on the date list.
Every couple of days I will post a list of the dates people have chosen
along with their names.
*If not at the end of each day*
The day she is born will be posted and if your name is next to that day you will win!
I hope you will all participate! It will help me to try and have some fun during this last month. I am getting really ready for her to be born. I want to do more than sit on my bottom typing on this blog and surfing the blog world and internet. It is getting old. I am hoping to get some of my physical energy back so that I can enjoy holding my daughter and playing again with my son!
So let the picking begin!!!!

14 jittering comments:

Grammy said...

you have many special days in August. I think she will be born on Aug 29. Done and baked on that date. *smiles*

Andrea said...

how fun, I pick 19.

Renee H. said...

My guess is Aug 22nd. I'm going to give you the benefit of choosing one day early. Does that sound good?

Jennie said...

i pick august 18th!

pick me! pick me!

Anonymous said...

Don says Sept 1st, My bug says the 25th and I will be nice and say the 14th.


jennbecc said...

I say 16th...Brian says 17th...Zack says 13th...Jake says 21st. :)

Jandre said...

I say August 28th!

April said...

Dang it I was going to pick the 18th but its already taken so I an going to pick the 20th :)

Amit said...

I say its 27th the day when angel comes

Becky said...

I wanted August 18th because that is Cynthia's birthday. I think someone else has picked that date already- so put me in whatever date is closest to then!

MaryRuth said...

8/8/08 because its a cool day OR 8/19 because its my anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

I pick 23rd

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I'll pick the 27th, because that's how late my son came.

April said...

Ok I will Try again and pick the 31st althought i hope you dont go that far over :)

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