Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tummy trouble...

I have not been up to sitting down and writing a post for several days, because I have had some sever tummy aches. I started taking some Antibiotics last Wednesday (see post) and the medicine really didn't settle well with my tummy at all.

I should have called my doctor before the weekend but I was trying to be a good girl and take my meds with out complaining to much. But by Sunday afternoon I was in pretty bad shape and Bug was no help at all.

I can't be to upset with his behavior because the poor kid was bored out of his mind from staying cooped up inside all day long. I was lying on the couch most of the day because I just couldn't get up except to use the bathroom, and that was a huge struggle.

Several times Bug came up to me asking me to wake up and I told him I was so tired, and didn't feel good, and he would get mad. After he realized that I was not going to get up and play with him he started to get destructive. Coloring on DVD cases, pulling all his toys out in the living room (dumping his toy basket) and also Lady Bug's toy basket in her room (they are all his old infant toys) and dumping crayons all over the floor- stepping on them and breaking them, and then taking my water bottle and dumping the water all over the couch pillows and couch. After much yelling on my part and screaming on his part I finally got him to pick up his toys and got the living room looking some what in order about 6pm. At least I was not going to trip on the stray toys any longer.

I got him into the tub for a bath and a bit of quite for me. I was on the phone with Bryan's parents when I had to get off because I could hear the water splashing all over the place in the bathroom and found water EVERYWHERE!!! I came out into the living room to calm down and when I turned around Bug was standing right behind me all wet and shivering. I told him to stay put; that I would go get his towel and be right back. I didn't want him walking back through the kitchen and into the bathroom on the wet floor for fear he would slip. Oh it has happened several times already, and Bug remembered and stayed put. But as I came walking back into the living room he was standing there peeing on my living room rug!!!! He did this the night before too but down stairs in his playroom/family room. I was livid...and started to cry. I turned away and Bug just started to laugh.....and laugh.....and laugh.....and I lost it! I must have looked like a monster as I turned on him and I told him I was not laughing! I grabbed his arm and put him in the "Time Out Corner" and said , "3 Minutes!" He started to cry. I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around him and walked away.

I called Bryan! I needed to make sure he came straight home from work. It was 8pm and he was due home by 8:30pm. I told him to hurry because I was at my wits end and I didn't know if he would have a son alive by the time he came home if he didn't get home by 8:30pm. I was crying really bad and just really upset. I then proceeded to clean up the pee. As uncomfortable as it was to get down on my hands and knees and scrub it up. When the timer went off I went over to Bug and told him he had the time out for peeing on my rug, and he said he was sorry for peeing on the rug. I then got his diaper on. Shortly Bryan walked in the door and was so great to take over getting Bug ready for bed and in the bed. Then he came up stairs and let me VENT! And boy did I VENT!

I called the Dr. office on Monday and spoke with a nurse and she told me to stop taking the Antibiotic but I also needed to come in and leave a sample to make sure that I was all better. But the results would not be in tell a few days. I went in and left a sample and then came home and slept most of the day. Bryan took care of Bug for me and allowed me to rest. It was much needed.

I am pleased to report that my tummy is doing much better, and I am not having so many cramps as I was having before. I have gone back to the normal uncomfortable feelings I have had with this pregnancy, and I am glad. I still don't like being pregnant, but at least I can keep food down, and don't feel like I am going to rip my own son's head off just because he wants to play with me.

I have a few pictures that I wanted to post and will work on that later today and maybe a few videos...but we will see. Uploading videos sure takes a long time.
Picture from art.com

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Andrea said...

So sorry for you bad day. That's a lot to deal with.
Glad you are feeling better!

Grammy said...

Do I need to call to make sure I still have a Grandson??!! LOL

Brenda said...

Bug is still alive!

Stephani said...

Oh I am so sorry for all that you went through, I have so had that kind of day before!!! But I must admit it sort of makes me feel better to know my kids aren't the only ones who do these kinds of things all put together in one day, boy your Bug and my Levi would get along, LOL. I can sure relate...

Brenda said...

Yes, I was thinking that Stephani after reading your blog recently about Levi. They do both sound very simular. Bug usually is really good but he was done with mommy not paying much attention.

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